GFZ Wordmark

This is an experimental feature for users of semisys. The semisysAPI enables the user to get access to metadata via a webbased service. The advantages are:

  • Aggregation of metadata into an existing web infrastructure via AJAX
  • Usage in a Shell environment (e.g. via cUrl or Wget)

The usable filters and formats are dependent on the selected action. If no format is given the first one in the list will be used.

To get access to sensitive metadata you need to use your API key, which is highlighted at the end of the page. If there is no API key listed, contact the semisys Support.

Example calls:

  • Web
  • cUrl (Linux)
    curl -G -d 'symname=1004' -d 'network=IGS' -d 'api_key=.....'
  • jQuery
        url: "",
        data: {
            format: "json",
            symname: "6001",
            network: "IGS"
        dataType: "json",
        jsonp: "jsoncallback"
    }).done(function (result) {
        $.each(result, function (index, station) {
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